Hej! I'm Oskar Rough Mosumgaard

Design, music and web technology. I can help you build things. Mostly on the internet. Reach me at oskar@rough.dk.

Below you can listen to my radio. You can create your own → Radio4000.com.

… and here are some of my projects:


A radio for the year 4000. A music player and radio service for your listening pleasure. Made with Internet4000. Check the source code.

Dansk Dynamit

A network between Danish designers, architects and creatives offering ideas, discourse, jobs and workspaces. Since 2007.


Real recognize real. Hyper-stimulated downtime, a curated online video channel. Strrr fuses the ease of use of classic TV with the best of the internet.

Alive Festival

A cozy, yearly and very fun music festival located in my homearea Thy, Denmark. Forever growing since its beginnings in 2009. I left it in good hands in 2014.

Slay the Web

Slay the Web is a singleplayer, deck builder, roguelike card crawl game for the web based on Slay the Spire

Codes & Notes

A guide for anyone wanting to learn more about web development. A no-longer work-in-progress collection of my personal codes and notes.

Unicorn Workspaces

In 2019 I joined Unicorn and have been trying to make workplaces across Germany a bit nicer since then.

Open Source

I maintain several community projects such as media-now, Radio4000, ember-youtube, ember-date-fns and ember-wordpress and the rough boilerplate. The source for Codes & Notes is also available.

Lobeckstr. 36

From 2010 to 2016 I worked with HOPE/GLORY and Kopfwelt in a space alongside Metrofarm and Noshe. Some sites we did: